Our Staff

    Midwife, Paramedic

    After working as a nurse for 12 years, graduated from the Department of Midwifery, Shizuoka Prefectural Welfare and Childcare College.
    Midwifery license
    Moved to Kyoto after working in the obstetrics and gynecology department of a general hospital.
    Opened a practice as a midwife specializing in business trips after giving birth
    While being the Kyoto City Maternal and Child Health Visit Instructor, learned manipulative treatment and chiropractic, and provide prenatal and postnatal care centered on pelvic care and breastfeeding support.

    1. Reflexologist qualification
    2. Japan Aroma Coordinator Association Aroma Coordinator Qualification
    3. International Infant Massage Association Certified Instructor Qualification
    4. NCPR A course acquisition
    5. Postpartum Care Practical Midwifery Training Completion Certificate

    Graduated from Shiga Prefectural College of Health Sciences, Department of Midwifery
    Worked at a general hospital and a maternity hospital in the city
    Engaged in visiting soon-to-be moms and babies as a maternal and child health visit instructor in Kyoto City
    “Kyoto City Mom and Dad Classroom” Lecturer
    Opened a practice as a midwife specializing in business trips in 2012
    Breastfeeding support, midwifery hospital / home delivery assistant
    Mother of 4 children (elementary school student, junior high school student, high school student)

    1. Director of Kyoto Prefectural Midwifery Association
    2. Advanced midwife
    3. NCPR A course acquisition
    4. Completion of postpartum care practice midwifery training

    Graduated from Kyoto University College of Medical Technology / St. Barnabas Midwifery Academy
    Experienced clinical care at university hospitals, general hospitals, obstetric hospitals, etc.
    In August 2006, opened Nakagawa Midwifery Center as a midwifery center specializing in business trips,
    Made Gordon Model Communication Program Available
    Former representative director of the Kyoto Prefectural Midwifery Association, engaged in the corporate business management office, community maternal and child health business, student education, etc.
    Representative of Tsukinowa Communication, a general incorporated association

    1. Parental training instructor
    2. Transactional Analyst Instructor
    3. NGH American Hypnotherapist Certified Hypnotherapist
    4. Hypno Birthing® Hypnoversing Educator
    5. Postpartum Care Practical Midwifery Training Completion Certificate

    Worked at a hospital as a nurse (obstetrics and gynecology, etc.)
    Graduated from the Department of Midwifery, Nursing College attached to Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine. Obtained a midwifery license.
    Worked at the University Hospital Perinatal Maternal and Child Center (Obstetrics / NICU / Obstetrics Emergency)
    After training at the maternity center, opened Nakamura Midwifery Center as a midwife specializing in business trips from August 2001. Pregnant women's medical examination, home delivery, postpartum care, breastfeeding support, etc.
    Obtained a clinical aroma therapist qualification and incorporates it into care
    Part-time lecturer at 2 midwifery schools

    1. Affiliation of a public interest corporation, Kyoto Prefecture Midwife
    2. NCPR A course acquisition
    3. Perinatal Medical Organization ALSO Japan provider course acquisition
    4. Acquired a clinical aroma therapist belonging to the Japan Clinical Aromatherapy Association
    5. Graduated from the Faculty of Health Sciences, Kyoto Tachibana University and obtained a psychologist certification
    6. Postpartum Care Practical Midwifery Training Completion Certificate
    Registered dietitian, nutrition teacher, cook

    Presided over the cooking class "Your Violet smile".

    Experienced giving birth at home in the midst of the Corona pandemic.
    Felt the need for prenatal and postnatal care and the loneliness and anxiety of childcare.
    While valuing changes in the mind and body of pregnant women, she provides meals for midwives and postpartum care facilities and provide prenatal and postpartum visit support in collaboration with midwives.

    “In order to devote one’s love to the child, first of all, I think that it is necessary for the mother to be full of love, and I hope that I can bring out the mother's soft smile to naturally overflow.”


    Lives in Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City. Regularly holds yoga for women, maternity yoga and yoga with children at maternity centers, hospitals and children's centers
    “From my own experience of childbirth and physical disorders after childbirth (trouble with atopy, thyroid gland, and female hormones), I realized that the way of spending time before and after childbirth has a great effect on a woman's life.”
    Based on her experience working at a maternity center and teaching maternity yoga at a midwifery school, she is working to prepare the mind and body of women.
    Holds miso making class in winter. Special skills are making miso and pickled plums.
    Management of Kyoto Birth and Life Association

    1. Completed the British Paramana Doula course by Dr Michel Odent
    2. Kyoto Birth and Life Association Co-Representative (17 years)
    3. Makoto Maternity Hospital 15 years of service (delivery, puerperal hospitalization care, postpartum care business, pregnant women's classroom, postpartum mom circle, IT, clerical work)
    1. Completed a course on how to make women happy (menstruation, pelvic adjustment, menopause)
    2. Lotus Academy Yoga Instructor Training Completed
    3. Completed the birth study course of the Japan Birth Study Association
    4. Rtan Yoga Heart of Yoga Teacher Training Completed
    5. Completed Senior Yoga Instructor at Caring Yoga Association
    6. Viola Tricolor Maternity Yoga Teacher Training Completed
    7. Medical herb coordinator
    8. Completed Aroma Therapist Pro Course
    9. Iron Mineral Lifestyle Advisor
    10. Meridian head therapist
    11. Middle and high school teacher license