Employment information

Recruitment contents

Job type / Job description

You will provide support to the mother, take care of the newborn in the baby room, and perform other front desk and operation tasks.
There is a training system that enable you to start from no experience.

Specific work content
  1. Childcare support for mothers (breastfeeding, bathing, etc.)
  2. Taking care of newborns (bath, body measurement, health care, etc.)
  3. Carrying out events (milk preparation guidance, photography, craft experience, etc.)
  4. Check-in preparation / cleaning (common areas of the facility), serving and tidying up meals.

No skills nor qualifications required.

There are no skills required when joining the company.

Work location 424-2, Myōhōin Maekawachō, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0932

It is possible to commute by motorcycle or bicycle.
(There is a free bicycle parking lot)

Payment of train / bus commuting expenses.
(There is an upper limit.)

Working hours

Shift system

[Shift example]

Part-time job: Twice a week-negotiable. Those who can work at night are welcome.

Full-time employees (alternating shift system): 8:30 to 17:15. Those who can work at night are welcome.


Midwife:Monthly salary from 240,000 JPY. Part-time job: from 1,850 JPY / hour.

Employees: Monthly salary from 210,000 JPY. Night shift allowance.

Part-time job: from 1100 JPY / hour.

* Nurse / childcare worker qualification allowance available.
* There is a trial period of 2 months.

Days off

Shift system / days off 2 days a week.

Employee benefits and welfare

Fully provided with social insurance and provision of transportation expenses.

Number of people to be hired

5 people.

Application information

Application method

Please apply by email first.

Selection process


◇Interview (online or face-to-face)

◇Unofficial offer