Professional services included in the basic plan

  • Child care

    Breastfeeding time management; jaundice check; weight / body temperature control; milk volume regulation / control; Controlling the amount, condition, and frequency of excretion; bathing, diaper change, formula preparation; bottle feeding; baby bottle / pump disinfection, etc.

  • Midwife consultation

    If you have any concerns about yourself, your child, breastfeeding or childcare, please feel free to consult us. Please feel free to talk about any concerns.

  • Breastfeeding support

    The optimal method for breastfeeding varies from person to person. Midwives provide one-on-one support.
    We will carefully inform you about the correct breastfeeding posture, amount of breast milk, burping techniques, how to use the nursing cushion, the interval between feedings, feeding with a baby bottle and replenishing formula.

  • Bathing support

    We will tell you the know-how of bathing while actually practicing in your room.
    We will adjust the time so that your partner can also learn, so please feel free to consult us.

  • Postpartum physical care support

    Care and guidance for problems such as breast tension and pain after childbirth, and problems such as lack of milk or too much milk. We will give you self-care advice for recovering your physical condition.

  • Various experience programs

    You are free to choose and participate in classrooms and programs by the facility's midwives and staff. Please also enjoy the interaction between other new moms and babies

  • Footbath

    It gently warms the body that cannot yet be soaked in the bath immediately after giving birth. Get rid of the cold and relax leisurely.

  • Bamboo Steaming

    Steaming with mugwort: By bathing the body, especially the lower half, in steam made by boiling mugwort, the body temperature increases and the internal organs warm up. It is expected to improve women's trouble and relieve constipation. The first time is free, and each subsequent time is 500 yen.