Q & A

Who is the Pre & Postnatal Care Hotel intended for?
It is intended for all women who are ready to give birth.
There is a particularly high demand from women who are anxious about their first childbirth, those who are older, who do not have a reliable family close to them, who have had difficulty in giving birth so far, who are worried about breastfeeding and childcare, or who have older children who require attention.
Can I use it even if I don't live in Kyoto?
Anyone can use it regardless of their address.
How long before and after childbirth is it available? Do you have a fixed number of nights?
It is possible to stay from the moment you know that you are pregnant to up to 4 months after giving birth.
If you have individual circumstances, please contact us at any time. Please note there is no childcare service.
Are there facility tours, information sessions, and prior counseling?
They are all handled individually. First of all, please contact us by phone or through the inquiry form.
Is there a period during which accommodation is not available?
We are open 365 days a year, including the New Year holidays.
Do you have fixed visiting hours?
As a general rule, visiting time is from 1pm to 6pm.
If you wish to visit at another time, please contact us in advance.
Please be aware of breastfeeding time, sleep time, and mother's fatigue, and refrain from visiting during those times.
Is it possible for family members such as husbands and older children to stay as well?
The room provided is completely private, with a toilet and shower, so it is possible for families to stay.
Is it possible to provide childcare guidance to my husband and family?
We will provide guidance on carrying, bathing etc. according to your requests.
Is it possible to use it for one day?
Prenatal and postnatal courses, beauty treatments, massages, pelvic care, etc. are available.
I have a food allergy. Is it possible to accommodate it?
Of course, we will adapt accordingly. Please contact us before your stay.
I am worried as to whether I can make friends with other moms. Is it possible to interact with other moms who are using the facility?
While paying attention to the three Cs (closed spaces, crowds, and close contact), we have prepared joint lectures and a spacious lounge where you can talk, so it is possible to befriend other moms.
I am worried that I may suffer from child-rearing stress and postpartum depression.
We put emphasis on counseling and provide attentive mental support.
Is it possible to leave my child to your care and go out?
It is possible after consultation.
As this is a postpartum facility, we recommend that you relax your body.
How much does it cost?
Please check the prices / rate plans page.