There are plenty of options for lectures and training lessons tailored to each time period before and after childbirth. We offer a variety of fun programs such as prenatal and postnatal massages, facial and body treatments, bathing and breastfeeding lessons, breastfeeding and baby massages, and childcare guidance.

Care by midwives Paid options. 10,000 JPY each *Please make a reservation one week in advance

  • Midwife counseling
    A midwife who is deeply familiar to the mind and body of a woman will help you to grasp the essence of your worries and solve them.
  • Breast care
    We provide personalized advice and painless breast care so that breastfeeding can continue to be enjoyable.
  • Pelvic personal care
    The pelvis was burdened by pregnancy and childbirth.
    The entire body is treated with a soft touch centered on the pelvis. It refreshes the body and makes it easier to breastfeed and take care of the baby.

Optional plan for those staying at the facility *Please make a reservation one week in advance

Newborn photo, maternity photo, breastfeeding photo 50,000JPY
Mommy's Aroma Oil Treatment Body / 60 minutes 12,000JPY
Body / 80 minutes 16,000JPY

Various classrooms by midwives

  • Maternity classroom
    While feeling the growth of the baby inside, we will support you to have a comfortable pregnancy and a happy childbirth.
  • Childcare classroom for dads
    Men can also raise their children independently! Learn skills to become the dad who can support their partner after childbirth
  • Postpartum physical classroom
    Postpartum body. How do you spend time comfortably with less burden? The midwife will tell you the recommendations and points.
  • Hypnoverse talk
    Hypnoverse that helps with the materialization of positive childbirth and child-rearing.
  • Breastfeeding & childcare class
    We will teach you how to prepare for breastfeeding and childcare before giving birth, and tips on how to actually enjoy breastfeeding with your baby.
  • Cooking class
    Even if you are busy, make sure that you are nourished! Give the blessings of the earth and the sea to yourself and also your baby. A cooking class where you can rejuvenate your mind and body.

Regular programs Group lessons

  • Maternity yoga
    Stretch your body while utilizing breathing techniques and relax your mind.
  • Postpartum yoga
    Easy yoga for those who have just given birth. It is a yoga that can be used for self-care of the painful shoulders, hips and body after childbirth.
  • Baby massage class
    Happy communication. A lot of love and kindness conveyed by mom's touch will make the baby's mind and body healthy.
  • Classroom for carrying the baby in your arms and on your back
    Make it easier to carry your baby every day! We will teach you not only how to use the baby carrier, but also the tips to make it fun.
  • Pelvic care lesson
    Can be used in daily childcare life! How to support the posture and movement to prepare the pelvis. We will teach you about the pelvic care that can be done in your spare time.
  • Mommy's Salon
    A mingling salon between moms and staff. Talking about your feelings and listening to others will lighten your mind.