• Breakfast

    Millet bread, hearty omelette, avocado and soybean salad, seasonal vegetables, carrot potage, seasonal fruits

  • Lunch

    Rice seasoned and cooked with various ingredients, Japanese Spanish mackerel pickled in sweet Kyoto-style miso, lotus root with plum vinegar, hijiki (edible seaweed) and deep-fried tofu with dashi, chawanmushi (savory steamed egg custard with chicken, mushrooms, etc.), kudzu ankake, Jerusalem artichoke and seasonal vegetables, broth with clams

  • Snack

    Seasonal Japanese sweets, rice flour cookies, dried fruits and nuts, fruits

  • Dinner

    Millet rice, steamed chicken with grated plum, grilled seasonal vegetables, carrots dressed with tofu, white sesame and white miso, cooked pumpkin, boiled greens in bonito-flavored soy sauce, Kyoto-style miso soup

  • Supper

    Millet rice balls

    Registered dietitian, nutrition teacher, cook

    Presided over the cooking class "Your Violet smile".

    Experienced giving birth at home in the midst of the Corona pandemic.
    Felt the need for prenatal and postnatal care and the loneliness and anxiety of childcare.
    While valuing changes in the mind and body of pregnant women, she provides meals for midwives and postpartum care facilities and provide prenatal and postpartum visit support in collaboration with midwives.

    “In order to devote one’s love to the child, first of all, I think that it is necessary for the mother to be full of love, and I hope that I can bring out the mother's soft smile to naturally overflow.”