5 Features

Postpartum care facilities are often found overseas, such as in Asian countries and Europe.
Even though they are necessary when we consider mothers and children, currently such facilities are not yet widespread in Japan.
Specifically, what are the benefits?

Below are the unique features of prenatal and postnatal care hotels.


Professional care by midwives

It goes without saying that staff are stationed at postpartum care facilities, but the hotel has a rule for midwives to be stationed as well.
A midwife is a specialist who – after going through a nurse's curriculum – has acquired a national qualification by learning about the physical and mental care of women before and after childbirth as well as the care of babies.
In short, a nurse and a specialist in maternal and child care.
Midwives who provide mental support as well as prenatal and postnatal diet and lifestyle, breastfeeding, and childcare guidance will be warmly watching over during the unstable period before and after childbirth.
Especially at our hotel, the management is done by veteran midwives who have supported many mothers and children, so it is safe and secure.
The reliable midwives also manage the health of the mother and newborn after childbirth.


A care environment where you can spend your time comfortably in a hotel style

Our hotel is located in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.
Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Sanjusangendo, which are famous tourist attractions, are within walking distance – it is a calm environment where you can feel the history and culture of the ancient city. Family members who come to visit can also enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto.
There are 5 types of rooms, 18 rooms in total.
It is a boutique hotel that was renovated with the concept of “staying as if you live here”, therefore it is cozy and comfortable.
From the rooms on the upper floor, you can enjoy the scenery of Kyoto such as Kyoto Tower and nearby shrines and temples.
In addition, there are plenty of facilities and equipment other than guest rooms, such as a conversation space where you can talk with your family and friends, a baby room where you can take care of your baby 24 hours a day, and a lounge where mothers can interact with each other.
We also have a private room for beauty treatments and massages.


A delicious meal supervised by a professional who pays special attention to the ingredients

Considering the nutrients necessary for building physical strength for childbirth, recovery after childbirth, and breast milk, we will provide 3 meals a day, including snacks The delicious food is supervised by our Registered Dietitian cooking researcher Mari Tahara.
Ingredients are prepared at restaurants that mainly use fresh vegetables from Kyoto.
Using vegetables harvested in the morning that have received plenty of the blessings of Kyoto, such as “Kyōyasai” which are traditional vegetables of Kyoto and “Miyakoyasai”, which are pesticide-free / pesticide-reduced and organically grown fresh vegetables made in Kyoto.
We provide a well-balanced meal that contains plenty of nutrients that are important for the health promotion of mothers and children, such as vitamin D and dietary fiber.


Total support after childbirth as well as before childbirth

We can provide total support from before childbirth, and we also accept people who need rest. If you have difficulty doing housework by yourself during pregnancy, or if you are not feeling well due to pregnancy, please take a rest at the Pre & Postnatal Care Hotel.
Midwives will help you in your daily life, to take care of your body, and reduce your worries and anxieties during pregnancy.
We will support you so that you can spend your time as calmly as possible before giving birth and have a baby with peace of mind.


Healing and peace of mind with an emphasis on prenatal and postnatal care

There are plenty of options for lectures and training lessons tailored to each time period before and after childbirth. We offer a variety of fun programs such as prenatal and postnatal massages, facial and body treatments, bathing and breastfeeding lessons, breastfeeding and baby massages, and childcare guidance.
Immediately after childbirth, it is an important time for children to form an attachment to their mother. If you overdo it before your mind and body recover, you may become depressed after giving birth. By trying to have a well-regulated lifestyle in the beginning, it will be easier to adjust the rhythm of sleep and breastfeeding.